Mclo - How Low Can You Go & I'll Be Fine [Q&A & Free Download]

Mclo - How Low Can You Go & I'll Be Fine [Q&A & Free Download]
Kicking off our new series of free releases is a double whammy of UKG goodness courtesy of Essex based producer MCLO. Lewis Simms AKA Mclo has been putting out a steady supply of swinging, rolling UK Garage bangers; with his tracks 'Gems' (Released on Supersize) and 'Da Bomb' (Self Release) putting him on our radar. 
Poggerz · Mclo - How Low Can You Go & I'll be Fine (Free Downloads)
This 2 part release features tracks How Low Can You Go and I'll Be Fine; two atmospheric, yet punchy UK Garage groova's. We asked Mclo a few questions to get to know the upcoming producer and supplier of these two banging first tracks of the series...

How did you come up with the alias, hidden meaning or just like the sound of it?

The name Mclo was just a fun sort of alias that came about through mixing at free parties, back when I first started, that my mates would get involved in and put together and the name sorta' just stuck since then. 

What DAW do you produce on?

Currently working on Logic Pro X

Have you found it easier to focus on music during lockdown, or more difficult?

Lock down has definitely been a good chance for me to step back from other things I would usually be doing and put more of my time and effort into production; but at the same time it can be easier to burn out on it so there's deffo' ups and downs to it 

What inspired these two tracks (How Low Can You Go & I'll be fine) ? 

The two tracks definitely came from a similar place mood wise music has always been a way to vent my stress feelings etc i wanted to sort of capture that sort of emotional / rough feeling with the chords been listening to a lot of King krule and music like that which I deffo took inspiration from and obviously heavily inspired by the new garage sound in general 

Any specific aims for the future with music?

Hopefully in the future my sound will keep growing and reach more people really  happy with feedback from other artist and listners I've had so far I've been messing around with other genres and collars which will soon will be out though I try to keep my productions to things I would actually play in a set 

Artists / Tracks you are rating at the moment?

Favorite artists right now gotta be Prescribe The Vibe, Higgo, Burt Cope, El B, Movement , Interplanetary Criminal , TC4 just to name a few.
Big ups Mclo for the Q&A and for supplying the tunes for our first releases of the series. Be sure to follow him on socials to stay up to day with all things Mclo:
'How Low Can You Go' is a mixture of dreamy synths matched up with growling ,evolving and low hitting bass notes which live up to the tracks name. The drums and vocal stabs (10 points for guessin' the sample), bring together the track and complete its midnight in the city vibes.

'I'll Be Fine' couples up some crisp piano notes with bouncy UKG drums. RnB esc' vocal cuts top it all off and help to bring together a track that would be at home both in the club and on any UKG lovers late night playlist. 
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