Slewitt - Cerveza - [Q&A & Free Download]

Slewitt - Cerveza - [Q&A & Free Download]

 Part 2 of our free download series comes courtesy of Slewitt, supplying a dark and punchy DnB track for your ammo boxes. An atmospheric build up leads into a roaring bassline that is ready to blow the heads off the crowds. The vocal sample ties it all together and adds to the wide and heavy sound. Cerveza showcases Slewitt's promising production skills and proves he is one to watch. Free download for you all via hypeditt as always.


 We asked Slewitt a few questions about music, favourite club, inspiration and this track; check it below: 

Poggerz · Slewitt - Cerveza [Free Download]



Has Drum n Bass always been your go to genre or did you start producing in other areas?
Drum and bass was my go to genre when starting to produce but as ive picked up more knowledge and taught myself new stuff i like to experiment in other genres depending on how im feeling and also just to test myself really.
What DAW do you produce on?
Currently Cubase 8.
Have you found it easier to focus on music during lockdown or the same / more difficult?
Lockdown has been very beneficial for my music. I've been able to focus more on finishing tracks that I've been sat on for a while.  
What inspired this track, anything particular or did it come from playing around with different sounds; or both?
Tbh the inspiration behind this track was hearing Able's new release on Oscity. Before that I was making a lot of liquid and that track just really inspired me to make something dark with my own twist.
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What / Who influences your music?
Its hard to say specific artists that influence my music. When I'm not producing dnb or spinning tunes I listen to a lot of other genres like hip hop, reggae, garage, dubstep, tekno etc. So I suppose you can say i draw influence from a lot of different places.
Favourites clubs/events to go to ?
Favourite club I have been to would have to be factory 010 in Rotterdam place was crazy! But in the UK 'n' local to me would have to be Club Pst in Birmingham the first venue i went to a rave. Favorite festivals would be Balter, Wonder Fields and Illusive.
Artists / Tracks you are rating at the moment?
Favorite artists in dnb atm are Monrroe, Sustance, Data 3, Mistrust and Waeys just to name a few. 
Big ups Slewitt for the track and the Q&A! You can find more from the man himself on his Soundcloud:
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