Krash Brings The Wobblers With His Debut Release [Q&A & Free Download]

Krash Brings The Wobblers With His Debut Release [Q&A & Free Download]
Here with your dose of wavey and wobbley bassline is the 20 year old DJ/Producer Krash. Hailing from Barnsley, Krash has been spending lockdown getting into the world of production, taking inspiration from the Sheffield rave scene. His first offering is a bassline banger that would be at home at any free party in 0114; Trumpton Riddim. We caught up with Krash for a quick Q&A about this track, his inspirations and more.
Check it below:
Poggerz · Krash - Trumpton Riddim [Free Download]
What DAW do you produce on?
I use fl studio 20 (Fruity Loops Studio 20)
Have you found it easier to focus on music during lock down or the same / more difficult?
Lets put it this way, I would've never bothered learning production if it wasn't for Covid. It has blessed me with time to learn it.

What inspired this track, anything particular or did it come from playing around with different sounds; or both?
I grew up with my dad blasting out 90s dance music in his car when ever he used to take me anywhere. The track I sampled was a early 90s rave track (Urban Hype-Trip to Trumpton). My dad would often play it in his car.
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What / Who influences your music?
Hard question really i guess it comes down to music taste really, always been a huge fan of Off Me Nut.
Favorites clubs/events to go to ?
Only going to name 3 because the list would be too long ,
-any omn (Off Me Nut) event (always pops off)
-Distortion (huge mixture of artists)
-Tank (this place inspired me to learn to dj) 
Any specific aims for the future with music?
Just to learn more and get bookings really, really love playing to a crowd.
Artists / Tracks you are rating at the moment?
-One of my inspo's is definitely Zero ,he's been pushing the UK sound so much recently
-One of my friends GoneWest ,he's sitting on a lot of heat atm ,definitely needs more recognition  
-Another friend of mine Grimace ,doesn't have anything yet but we are both going to start a collab soon, he's also supported me from the very start really sound bloke
-Finally massive shout to Vibez for the sick master.
Big ups Krash for taking the time to answer these questions, go check his track on our soundcloud now!
Soundcloud: Krash
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