Free Drum & Bass Records Launch Event

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When: 12th Jan 2023
Where: Basement 45 Bristol
Tickets: Headfirst -

If you have been scouring the depths of Soundcloud looking for some of that juicy and free DNB, chances are you have come across Free DnB Records. In the sea of 'Free Download' tracks on Soundcloud, it can be a long process finding the prime catch amongst the rest, the brand has been curating a growing collection of high-quality bangers

Head honcho Hatchet, has been part of the Poggerz crew since pretty much the beginning, hosting some of the legendary house parties and playing as a resident at various events. We asked him a few Q's about Free DNB Records and what to expect:

Free Drum & Bass Records · Flowdan - Shell A Verse (Malpractice Remix) Free Download

Where did the Idea for Free DNB Records come / what was the inspo?

We started as a Reposts page for free downloads back in 2016 and focused on reposting as many free downloads as we could find and created playlists to keep each one, we found in as well, so they could be found in one place by everyone on Soundcloud. We kept growing and people started to send us their music to publish on our page and we became our own label.

Where do you want to take it in the future?

I want us to continue to grow on Soundcloud and become more influential and harder to ignore. We've just hit 10K which is amazing and I have to pinch myself! We will continue to work with the vast wealth of talent in the scene as it develops as well as nurturing the select group of talented individuals, we call our resident artists. We are launching into events in 2023 with our Debut event lined up for January @ Basement 45 as well 🙌

Are you going to do paid releases or always keep it free?

We will always be a Free downloads label as the aim is to work with developing talent to provide a reputable platform for their music to be published too when they may not have much of an audience on their own pages yet. As we have grown it has allowed us to also work with some more developed names as well, which has been a privilege and something we will continue to do in the future. You can choose to donate for our tracks on Bandcamp however if you want to support the label financially, all donations go back into funding projects and development on the label.

What can people expect from the event?

Our Debut event at Basement 45 will be our chance to cease being just an online/digital entity and finally engage with our followers at a good old-fashioned Bristol / Basement 45 rave, also giving us a chance to show off our talented resident artists and all the music and mixes they have been working hard on behind the senes


Best party/venue you have been to?

It has to be said that the famous Poggerz Big Lez Party events are amongst some of the most legendary I have been to 😉, also to mention has to be the mighty Critical Sound x Overview events we've attended at both E1 and Motion, both two solid venues! Can't not mention the amazing Skibadee Memorial rave at Fabric London... What a Club and day remembering a legend! 
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Weirdest thing you've seen at a rave?

Weird in a good way, but I once witnessed someone DJ a Glitchstep / Donk set through a Gameboy at Plot 22, Sheffield that I have never understood how that works, aha 

What Artists are you feeling right now?

It goes without saying each one of our resident artists has amazing potential to really go on in the scene and make their mark. Our artist Kastor has recently changed their artist ID to ETH:ER and their new direction in their production is looking really promising 
If I had to pick one personally outside the label I have always rated Upgrade as one of the best for energy and creativity in his sound




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