Free Downloads Weekly Round Up #2

Free Downloads Weekly Round Up #2

Back on the round ups and hoping to be more regular with this now! Be sure to sign up at the bottom of the pages to get these straight to your inbox!

With the Unis on Easter break and Winter finally coming to an end festivals are starting to creep back into view. We also had our Lancaster Big Lez Party (write up incoming), Tiesto n Guetta played DNB at ultra and Speed Garage is suddenly everywhere. Is DnBs brostep era coming? Is DnB taking over the world? Is it the late 90s again? Who knows, anyway, stock up your ammo box with some of these bangers!

NLMT X VAMOS - Magnet & Steel [Belters]

One for the bassline crew to start off. NLMT and Vamos bringing the squelchy and wonky warpers, sampling Max n Paddy (how tf was that show 2004?!). Out now on the Belters crews soundcloud, who are worth a follow for their bio write ups alone. Mega stuff, go cop it.


Mattik - 4 Minutes [Mattik]

Manchester based Mattik released another banging bootleg a few months back. The Warped events and UKG maestro gives the speed garage treatment to Timbalands 2008 tuneeee 4 Minutes. It samples the best bit of the original and as with all of Mattiks bootlegs is sure to inject some energy on the floor. 

Mattik · Mattik - 4 Minutes (Free Download)

Faster Horses - You're In My System (Sports Mix) [AKRONYM]

This has been on constant repeat for me in the car, house, garden, beach, lake and everywhere else. Really feelin' the 135bpm+ house n ukg bits at the moment. Faster Horses take on this classic sample an absolute anthem that we can see blastin out this Summer, imagine this playing late afternoon, blue skies, big system and a nice breeze breathing life back into you, as you get only mild heatstroke. AKRONYM's Soundcloud is full similar vibes so go check it. ANTHEM

AKRONYM · Faster Horses - You’re In My System (Sport Mix)

IV - Junction 7 [The Drum Pusher] 

Randomly found this gem of a tune whilst exploring Hypeddit. The ambient-esc synths and jungle sounds caught my ear. 90's jungle vibes with the synths that would be at home on early 2000s racing game; futuristic but nostalgic vibes. Go give IV a follow, we'll be keeping an ear out for more for sure. 


Tyler C - Sound of Da Police [Tyler C]

As usual, gotta get a bit of self promo in here. I've been mixing the first few bars of KRS One - Sound of Da Police into DnB for years, so thought it was about time I just made a track that sampled them! DnB, Jungle and 4x4 drums all in one track with some noice basses (DrumsNNiceBasses). Enjoy!

If anyone has any of their own track's they want promoting,or has a mix they want a home for; hit us up!
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